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Divya Mother Milk Bank has been providing clinical human milk bank service since April,2013, this service gives breastmilk to sick, premature or of multiple births, breastmilk may be an essential factor for their baby’s survival and an especially important contributor to their recovery, optimum growth and development, and lifelong health outcomes. In this scenario, the Mothers’ Milk Bank provides a vital health service for infants whose recovery and long term health may be compromised by introducing artificial supplements at such an early stage of life.

A mother who is unable to supply breastmilk to meet her baby’s nutritional needs, donated human milk is the next best option for her baby. The Divya Mother Milk Bank has been established to give parents the choice of donated breastmilk when the mother’s own milk is not available.

The Mothers’ Milk Bank collects, screens, pasteurises and distributes donated human milk to infants and mothers in need. It supports mothers who are unable to supply their own milk at the time of their baby’s birth.

To support the guidelines established by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and UNICEF, along with the Indian and Rajasthan State governments, which state that the nutritional needs of a baby are only fully met when given human milk in the first six months of life, and if a child continues to receive human milk along with the introduction of other foods until two years of age.