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The present aim ofCommunity Human Milk Bank Service is to promote the health & nourishment of all Neonates in the community. We are dedicated to give human milk to all neonates who need mother breastmilk for health & nourishment.

Our ultimate aim is to give breastmilk to whenever and wherever they need it. We dream of a world where mothers from previous generations pass on the tradition of breastfeeding and are a wealth of knowledge and support. We can imagine a time when women protect each other and help one another feed their babies so that every mother feels whole and no mother feels broken or that her body is failing her. We hope that one day in the future all babies in the world will thrive and grow on mother’s milk.

Community Human Milk Bank Service started since April 2015, in this service we are giving breast milk to all neonates but needy neonates first. Our future program is that we will provide human breastmilk to all Infants.