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Breast milk feeding is the biological norm and breast milk is a perfectly balanced source of nutrition. It is a living substance, more complex than blood, and it contains a variety of nutrient and immunological factors that cannot be replicated. It is instantly absorbed and with positive immediate and long term health outcomes, it is the most beneficial food for infants.

Although its contents vary and are constantly changing, breast milk contains active antibodies which protect newborns from a variety of infections and diseases. It ensures optimum physical and neurological development and assists in the treatment of allergies and feeding intolerance, immunologic deficiencies and inborn errors of metabolism.

The World Health Organisation and UNICEF support donor mothers' milk as the first alternative where mother's milk is not available. Screening and pasteurising donated human milk ensures the absence of infection and disease. The nutritional content and benefits of donated breast milk are maintained however, due to the processes and pasteurisation techniques employed at the Mothers’ Milk Bank.